About Us

Helping Others Has Always Been My Passion

Therefore, I Turned It Into My Mission

Linda Elletson – Founder

Mission Statement

To assist Founders at all levels develop and grow their business from concept to reality, while showcasing local business to a global platform

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the highest quality service to those brave enough to start their own business


  • Always meeting new people to hear about them and their business values
  • Collaboration with as many high quality businesses
  • Constantly learning
  • Have fun
  • Highest quality Customer Service
  • High referral rate
  • Highly regard meeting new people and finding out about their business and how we can help each other
  • Highly respected Members
  • Open to change
  • Reward others where possible
  • Value quality and constructive feedback
  • We are extremely passionate about what we do
  • We are not in competition with anyone, we can all work together
  • Work smarter not harder