Another great event on 18th October, 2018 where we had 9 businesses present their business idea to our panel and audience

You can visit our YouTube Channel to see some of our pitches

If you have a business idea and would like to talk to us now, please get in touch, we are always looking to assist people with their business

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Partners, Investors, Collaborators and Associates

We are looking for;-

  • Partners to support us with our events
  • Investors to support our presenters
  • Collaborators who are looking to expand their business
  • Associates who work with Buz On Biz to support new and existing business ideas

Ideas Are Great, However, An Idea Is Not A Business

Businesses take planning, marketing, goals and a solution to a problem

Did You Know;-

  • 50% of Businesses cease operation after year one
  • 95% of those do not operate longer than 5 years
  • 99% of those will last 10 years

Where do you want to be??

Work with us to take your idea from ‘Concept To Reality’ and start on the right path to being part of the .03 businesses

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“Entrepreneurs are willing to build an 80 hour a week business, to avoid a 40 hour a week job”

To be annouced

Past Participants

Concept To Reality launched on 24th February, 2016 and it was a great success for everyone with amazing business ideas pitched to our Mentors, this is what 2 of our presenters had to say;-


“What an incredible experience yesterday was pitching to the Concept to Reality panel, Adelaide’s dedicated movers and definitely Shakers of the City. Thanks Buz on Biz, especially you Linda. My eyes are wide open with excitement, a definite Buz on my Bizness. Brilliant”

Jordan Gallagher-Gruber


“Concept to reality was an exceptional program. The mentors provided invaluable feedback and support, even going so far as to connect us with potential investors. It was a great day, and well worth the investment!” I’ll be telling my friends

Peter Bruns


Pitch Your Passion

Buz On Biz work with you at the idea stage and connect you to our highly regarded colleagues to assist you in structuring a new idea or re-structuring/scaling your existing business. To meet you at the idea stage of your business we have introduced Concept To Reality where you present your business idea to investors and collaborators for constructive feedback and potential investment. There are 3 options;- present a new business idea, how to scale your existing business or you may be looking for investors. Please register your interest below and we will keep you updated with dates



Please Note

Although our panel are happy to provide you with independent advice, we do not guarantee any success, nor will we be responsible for any failure. You retain all IP ownership, unless you are fortunate enough to secure an investor, then you will enter an agreement direct with them